Gjon’s Tears, which is the stage name of Gjon Muharremaj

Gjon’s Tears, which is the stage name of Gjon Muharremaj

Switzerland is due to announce its act for Eurovision 2020 this Wednesday, 4 March. Broadcaster SRF has given clues about the artist and their song, but now Eurovision fans have done some digging and may have a name of both the artist and the song: Gjon’s Tears with “Repondez-moi”.

Eagle-eyed fans have discovered a newly added song in the database that registers compositions by Swiss songwriters. The track is titled “Repondez-moi” (Answer me) and the performer is listed as Gjon’s Tears.

Gjon’s Tears is the stage name of  Gjon Muharremaj. He also performs in a group of the same name. Gjon is Swiss-born with a Kosovar father and Albanian mother. He is known both in Albania for his appearance on Albania’s Got Talent in 2010, and more recently he made a name in France last year appearing on The Voice.

Gjon’s Tears is the stage name of the Swiss singer Gjon Muharremaj. It is also the name of a five-piece indie-rock group fronted by Gjon.

Gjon Muharremaj was born in Switzerland to a Kosovar father and Albanian mother. His stage name comes from a moment when he performed the Elvis Presley classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for his grandfather. The performance moved the elder, and made Gjon realise how his music could touch others.

He competed on the first series of Albania’s Got Talent in 2010, as a child. He made it to the grand final and impressed both the judges and viewers with his ability to tackle sophisticated French chansons.

Last year, at the age of 20, he auditioned for The Voice: la plus belle voix  — the French edition of The Voice talent show. Performing as Gjon’s Tears and coached by the pop star Mika, Gjon made it as far as the semi-final of the show.

Last year, Gjon’s Tears released his debut single, “Babi”. The piano-driven song has English verses and an Albanian chorus. It mixes an indie-pop sound with a unique Albanian style.

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