Val Newton MBE helped to rebuild Egzon's life

Val Newton MBE helped to rebuild Egzon’s life

In 2009, a 15 year old boy called Egzon took an innocent walk in the Kosovan town of Kacanik. He was just looking for something to do, perhaps something he could sell, something that could offer some escapism from the poverty-stricken life that he led every day.

He saw some scrap metal and hoped that it would be of some financial value so that he could provide some much needed respite for his family. Unfortunately, what he picked up would change his life forever; a quest for relief would instead inspire more misery.

The object in question was part of a bomb which contained radioactive materials, a terrible legacy from the Kosovo War a decade earlier.

Egzon cut his leg. No big deal, he thought, before moving along to look for something else. Unbeknown to him, the radiation had entered a part of his leg and spawned a cancer inside.

A year later, after countless bouts of chemotherapy that his family sold land in order to finance, the decision was made to remove the leg, a last resort and the only option left in order to save his life.

At just 16 years of age, Egzon had no future, no prospects, no hope. His parents worked hard but there was no more they could do for him.

The surgery had left their son severely disabled and with no opportunity for a prosthetic leg. Then, a chance meeting with a passer-by led him to the attentions of one Carmarthenshire woman.

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