Rita Ora (Image: Besim Gerguri)

Rita Ora in Embassy of Albania in London (Image: Besim Gerguri)

The modern world continues to highlight ever more examples of a society that has totally lost the plot, this time courtesy of some Twitter user accusing Rita Ora of “blackfishing”.

No, me neither, but apparently it means pretending to be black when you’re not.

Except Rita has never pretended any such thing.

In 2016, on The Wendy Williams Show, she was asked if she was half-black/ half-white. “Everybody usually assumes that. I might as well be. But no, I’m Albanian,” our non-blackfishing heroine replied.

Apparently the sensitive Twitter type objected to her wearing braids and tanning herself.

Obviously extreme racism, which must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Back in the 1950s my mother became great friends with a noted mathematician called Bhama Srinivasan who, as the name implies, is Indian.

Back then she always wore a sari.

One day the two switched clothes, Bhama’s first experiment with Western wear.

Both were delighted to be wearing such exotic outfits and felt it brought their friendship even closer.

These days they’d probably end up in jail.


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