***Can you speak Albanian?
***Would you like to work in a school as a Teaching Assistant?

Servoca Education is currently working with a secondary Special School based in Hammersmith who are looking for an Albanian speaking Teaching Assistant to work on one-to-one basis with a student who is autistic.

The role is urgent, to start as soon as possible, 5 days a week, until the end of the school year (July) and will then continue from September.

You don’t have to have school experience, as the school will provide training, but you need to have knowledge/interest in SEN (Special Educational Needs), as you will be working in a special school requirement.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. Children and adults with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction. People with autism can often have accompanying learning disabilities but everyone with the condition shares a difficulty in making sense of the world. There is also a condition called Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism used to describe people who are usually at the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum.

People with autism generally experience three main areas of difficulty; these are known as the triad of impairments (social interaction, social communication and imagination). In addition to this triad, repetitive behaviour patterns and resistance to change in routine are often characteristic. Programmes like TEACCH are often used to work with autistic pupils, as well as ABA therapy.

To be considered for this role or any similar positions you must have:

* Experience/interest in a school/education Special Needs setting and knowledge of ASD/Autism.
* Experience/interest working with Special Educational Needs, in particular Autism/ASD and challenging behaviour

Please apply to this role if:

– You can speak Albanian

– You are friendly, committed, hard-working and ambitious

– You have shown previous experience or interest in working with children on your CV

Please send a CV which includes all experience you have of working with children. This could be voluntary work, sports or music clubs, guides/scouts. Anything is relevant!

Apply via this link: https://www.servocaeducation.com/jobs/4951990/albanian-speaking-teaching-assistant.asp