Mirush Kabashi acting in True Apology of Socrates.

Mirush Kabashi acting in True Apology of Socrates.

The interest for the UK Premiere of the True Apology of Socrates, a political and satirical pamphlet by Kostas Varnalis, played by well-known Albanian actor Mirush Kabashi, is so high that all tickets have been sold just days before the performance on 23rd October 2014.

This UK Premiere was brought to UK audience by The Albanian Embassy in London.

The monodrama, which has been widely presented in international theatre festivals and venues around the world, is staged by Mirush Kabashi in a powerful performance accompanied by the dancer Milena Nurka and actor Alfred Bualoti.

The apology of Socrates is based on Plato’s dialogue and is one of the most valuable manifestos of critical views, moral responsibility of citizens to society and freedom of expression.

Performance in Albanian with English subtitles.

Mirush Kabashi is a famous Albanian actor of classical theatre who has won several awards and prizes including the prestigious Golden Sphinx. In his long career he has played more than 100 characters for the theatre and many others in films. The True Apology of Socrates has been successfully performed by him more than 120 times across Albania and in other world stages such as Paris, Lion, Geneva, Vienna, Toronto, Athens, Belgrade, Pristina, etc.