UEFA ticket blunder leaves Albania football team fans fuming

UEFA ticket blunder leaves Albania football team fans fuming

Just when you thought that UEFA, European football’s governing body, is finally cleaning up its act – what with getting rid of some of more dubious characters including a certain Monsieur Platini, and promising new reforms, away from the allegations of corruption and mismanagement of the previous administration – we are receiving news of an unfortunate blunder that has left thousands of fans fuming.

In the week when the tickets for the oncoming UEFA European Championship, to be held in France in June and July, are being distributed and sent to the football fans all over Europe, Albanian fans who live in Kosovo have had a nasty surprise when they checked how is this distribution progressing. To their utter fury and bewilderment, they discovered that their tickets have taken an unexpected detour – via the one country that they would definitely not want to see them go to – Serbia!

It appears someone has forgotten to tell the UEFA (or even Chronopost, their delivery contractors) that Kosovo is no longer part of Serbia, and Belgrade no longer acts as a postal hub for a country that is independent (and recognized as such by France) since 2008.  

Judging by the status updates on the Chronopost tracking site, it looks like postal staff in Belgrade have shrugged off the responsibility of dealing with these tickets and have sent them back to where they came from, possibly causing delays but at the same time sparing the Kosovo-Albanian fans from having to go through the unwanted negotiations with the authorities of a country which is for them not really the highest on the list of friendly countries – to put it mildly.

As for the other possibility, of the tickets falling into wrong hands and being misused by some avid football fans – it was always going to be very unlikely, bearing in mind that Serbia did not qualify for this year’s tournament, and its fans are facing the indignity of watching their neighbours from afar, on their TV screens.

Written by: A fuming Albanian fan!