Center of Tirana, Albania's capital

Center of Tirana, Albania’s capital

“What! Albania?”
“Aren’t Albanians the human trafficking gangsters from the movie ‘Taken’?” Mother asks.
“Ah, I guess”
“Why are you going there?”
“Why not?”
Poor Mum.

Albania is down to earth, the people are lovely, the food is great and very cheap, and the transport is dodgy but efficient.

Albania can be beautiful, but also dirty and crowded.

Much was learnt from the Albanian way, rather than a recap of my time the following is my personal set of ‘rules’ for Albania.

Before leaving Greece, I was told that there were two types of Albanians; Criminals involved in human trafficking, drugs and various other noble endeavours, and the rest are lovely-hardworking people, prideful people and strong, doing their best to get by.

A glowing review, however my first impressions of Albania were surprisingly pleasant.

Rule #1: Make sure you know what is going on

Rule #2: Trust in (most) people’s good nature

Rule #3: Work out the beach chair monopoly

Rule #4: You cannot make any transport plans in Albania

Rule #5: Road rules do not apply, neither do vehicle standards

Rule #6: Assume every night is a party night in Albania

Rule #7: There is no internet

Rule #8: Don’t expect to know what you are eating

Rule #9: Learn some language basics

Rule #10 Raki will kick your butt

Raki is Albania’s national spirit.

Albania is untouched by tourism so you get a real feel for the culture, a nice escape from some of the more commercialised European destinations.

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