Simon Hulstone and Albanian chef Ali

Simon Hulstone and Albanian chef Ali

A top Devon chef is supporting the fight by a teenager member of staff against being sent back to a ‘troubled and distressing life’ in poverty-ravaged Albania.

Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone who runs the Elephant says 18-year-old Ali – who ran away from an abusive family at 15 and crossed Europe on his own, was robbed, beaten and threatened with rape – deserves to stay.

But now he has to go to court to fight efforts to extradite him.

Having survived the Jungle at Calais, Ali was able to get into England on the back of a lorry and arrived in Bristol at the age of 16 two years ago. He had crossed Italy and France heading to England because he knew a little English. After sleeping in a park in Bristol was able to find help through the local council. The family who offered him temporary foster care have told the Bristol Post he is a shining example of how, given the opportunity, someone can thrive and contribute to the UK.

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