Tirana through student’s lenses six years after he left the Albanian capital

“This is one side of the city center square, and the building that you see is the National History Museum. I toured all three floors of the building with my grandfather, who seemed to know more about the artifacts and history of Albania than the people working there. One of my favorite things that I saw was a large section of the mosaic tiles that covered all of ancient Dyrrhachium, now the present day city of Durres, Albania. The significance of the city’s people, the Illyrians, was that they could fend off the Roman Empire, at least for a while.”

Vasian Markollari moved from Albania to Missouri as a child. Over spring break, the MU junior traveled to Albania for the first time in six years.

He went over spring break with his mom to Tirana, Albania, to visit his grandparents, specifically his grandma, because they had found out late last year that she had cancer. Since he hadn’t been back to Albania in over six years, and his grandmother’s situation was only getting worse, they decided to fly out and visit her. While he was there, he got the chance to go and see the city that he was born in and left at the age of four.

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