Dit’ e Nat. Image source: Tripadvisor

Dit’ e Nat. Image source: Tripadvisor

The first thing that everyone asked me when I told them what my next destination would be was:

“Why THERE? Out of all places?”

Well… Why the hell not?!

… is what I wanted to say. However, I saw where the confusion was coming from. When people think of Kosovo, the first things that spring to mind are not exactly ‘those beautiful old towns’ or ‘the most incredible sandy beaches’ or ‘the first-class culinary experience’. Not quite. What comes to mind almost immediately: images of a war zone, of people fleeing their country, of violence, hate, destruction.

So, instead of responding with a stroppy, sarcastic comment, I wanted to explain what attracted me in visiting Kosovo:

Its people.

During my studies in London, I’ve met many amazing people from all over the world. And some of the MOST amazing people (no bias here) were actually from Kosovo — a country that, until then, I only knew from the news and geography lessons.

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