View from the top: Europe's Accursed Mountain range in Albania

View from the top: Europe’s Accursed Mountain range in Albania

Do not let the name mislead you. This brooding, unspoilt range of Albanian peaks might be known as the Accursed Mountains, but – when you get in among their mighty slopes – “blessed” may seem the better adjective.

For hikers who like their trails remote, their scenery craggy and their hospitality Balkan-strength, this eight-day trek stands as one of the region’s greatest summer adventures. Albania in any form is a superb travel destination – it is proud, beautiful and rich in tradition – but as somewhere to walk, it is downright unforgettable.

The Dinaric Alps, of which the Accursed Mountains form a part, are just a few hours north from the whirl of Tirana, the capital. Towering grey rock faces soar above flower-specked meadows. Icy rivers thunder through green valleys. Shepherds’ quiet paths snake over mountain passes, through beech copses and past sun-struck farmsteads.
Europe’s top mountain hike?

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