Michelle Keegan to play the role of Kosovo Albanian Rebeka

Michelle Keegan to play the role of Kosovo Albanian Rebeka

In December 2015, PJ Harvey went on a fact-finding mission to Kosovo that helped inspire her recent album The Hope Six Demolition Project. During her time out there she kept a diary of her travels and now those thoughts and observations are set to be adapted for a new BBC radio drama.

On Kosovo Field has been written by Fin Kennedy and follows two Kosovan-born, Manchester-raised siblings who return to Kosovo after discovering that a mass grave has been found near their home. Told over five episodes and featuring unreleased song demos from Harvey woven into the narrative, the programme stars former Coronation Street actor Michelle Keegan and My Mad Fat Diary’s Nico Mirallegro.

Michelle will play the role of Kosovan-born Rebeka, who is brought to Manchester with her sibling Dardan – played by Nico Mirallegroas – under a special evacuation programme.

Radio 4 commissioning editor for drama, Jeremy Howe, said On Kosovo Field will serve as a reminder of the state’s war in the 1990s.

He explained: “Seventeen years ago Kosovo, a place that few of us had ever heard of, was all over the headlines, then the news juggernaut moved on and the place was forgotten.

“On Kosovo Field shows how drama can get underneath the news headlines and explore with real emotional depth how the politics we hear about in the news, the war that is glimpsed in thirty second bulletins, affects real people.”

The programme will also feature unreleased demos by the artist.

In Kosovo Field airs on BBC Radio 4 at 10.45am every week day from January 9 through to January 13, with repeats broadcast at 7.45pm each day.