The challenging and attractive "Rally Albania" 2014 to start in June

“Rally Albania” 2014 Start Off-Road will be launched on 7th June 2014, according to ATSH news agency.

Albania has built its challenging and attractive reputation among hundreds of participants in the annual editions of the “Rally Albania” . Specific geographical features have won over competitors and encouraged the organizers to try new sporting challenge. Club organizer who maintained the geometry of the pitfalls of past phases introduced new terrains, very different from the 2013 edition.

The sport organizer and manager Edvin Kazimati confirmed that this is the year of surprises and pitfalls. The innovations of this edition will be the number of participants, length of the track and some new areas such as Lura (municipality in north-eastern part of Albania).

“There are 150 participants among them Albanians that will have the opportunity to face each other,” Kazimati said. He added that the length of the race is 2,100km, lying on 6 days between new areas of Erseka and Frasher.

It will be a marathon phase of resistance, which is supposed to last 14 to 16 hours except the unexplored terrains, this year “Rally Albania” will include “Life Tracking” , which will show in real time the location of every competitor.

Participating in the “Rally Albania” is a unique experience. A bold leap into the unknown where participants from all over the world reflect their cultural, tourist, historical purpose.

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