Mergim Butaja in social media

Mergim Butaja in social media

Mergim Butaja was one of three candidates fired in the boardroom bloodbath that saw PM Elle Stevenson and April Jackson also axed from the process.

Many viewers last night took to social media to praise 23-year-old Mergim as he made an impassioned plea to Lord Sugar about his determination to become a millionaire after coming to the UK as a refugee from Kosovo when he was just seven years old.

The sales account manager’s words evidently struck a chord with Lord Sugar too who said his firing was “with sincere regret” and told Mergim “we’ll stay in touch.”
“I don’t think you have the potential at this moment in time of being my business partner, I really don’t, but carry on with your dreams,” Lord Sugar told him.
And plenty of Twitter agreed.

For those who live in the UK this The Apprentice episode can be viewed here: