Egzona Morina, Neuroscience Ph.D student and Founder of BrainCamp Kosovo

Egzona Morina, Neuroscience Ph.D student and Founder of BrainCamp Kosovo

Egzona Morina, a Ph.D student at University College London’s Sainsbury Wellcome Centre tells me over the telephone.

“I think there is a neurology department and there used to be a clinical psychology department in Pristina [the nation’s capital] but there is no formal teaching of neuroscience in the country.”

Egzona, herself a refugee of the conflict in Kosovo in the late 90’s, grew up in Belgium before gaining a tennis scholarship in the United States, where she then spent the formative years of her education.

Working with children with dyslexia during her degree in clinical psychology took her away from the tennis court and made her want to pursue a master’s degree in neuroscience and education at Columbia University. A psychopathology class caught her interest and she next moved from the classroom to the lab, to work as a lab manager and technician at New York University (NYU) for several years.

She moved to London, UK, in 2017 to start a Ph.D studentship at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour following a summer in Kosovo where discussions with friends and family highlighted a gap in both the education of science and the pursuit of science careers by students in the country.

She would like to develop a larger more robust program for the future of neuroscience teaching in Kosovo, as she explains:

“I don’t want this to just be a week every year where we go and teach neuroscience to students in Kosovo and then come back to our lives in London, leaving them to go back to theirs in Kosovo.”

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