About Gjon’s Tears

Born as Gjon Muharremaj in Broc, Switzerland to parents with Albanian ethnicity, he was internally selected to represent Switzerland by the national broadcaster SRG SSR.

Gjon competed in the first ever and only season of Albanians Got Talant back in 2010, where he managed to reach the grand final and finished 3rd. The following year, he tried his luck in his home country of Switzerland, where he reached the semi-finals of Switzerland’s Got Talent. Finally, last year he competed in France at The Voice France, where he also finished in the semi-finals.


Gjon’s Tears will now sing “Répondez-moi” in Rotterdam. The song was chosen by an international panel and an expert jury, which both had a 50% decision on the final outcome.

The song will be performed in French, and this will be the first time in 10 years, that Switzerland will be represented by a French song. The song also contains some phrases in Albanian.

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