Lights Out video production team in Kosovo

Lights Out video production team in Kosovo

British rock duo Royal Blood unveiled a striking video for “Lights Out,” the lead single off their upcoming album, How Did We Get So Dark?, out June 16th via Warner Bros. Records.

The clip finds bassist/singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher performing the song in an empty room that slowly fills with water. As the pair hit the first chorus of “Lights Out,” a horde of bodies burst out of invisible pools on the floor, ceiling and walls. During a raucous instrumental section, the room is cast in a deep red light and Thatcher and Kerr continue to play in the waist high water as dancers move around them.

The recording and post-production were done in Kosovo by Horizon-T Production, founded by Besnik Krapi and Harvey Ascott.

Kosovo gradually is emerging as affordable international film and video production country. There a loads of film production houses there buzzing with young and talented film makers and post-production teams.