Kristjan Sokoli

Kristjan Sokoli

The odds of making the NFL are so astronomically small – only 0.08 percent of high school seniors playing football will go on to be drafted – that just about any player who signs a pro contract has a tale to tell. But that doesn’t mean some of those stories aren’t slightly more fantastic than others.

Take, for example, the journey of Seattle Seahawks rookie Kristjan Sokoli, who traveled from Albania to the Mid-American Conference to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

Sokoli is the first Albanian-born player to ever make the National Football League, and only the 13th player to ever be drafted from the University at Buffalo. And from the moment the Seahawks picked him in the sixth round and he got on the phone with offensive line coach Tom Cable, he went from being a college defensive tackle to an NFL center, a position he has never played before.

But after a voyage like his, Sokoli’s not about to let something as simple as switching positions at the highest level of organized football stop him. Because while his history has earned him headlines, the Seahawks’ sixth rounder believes that his best days are yet to come, and that his story is far from finished.

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