From yesterday's performance,  'Sanctum: A Refugee's Story'

From yesterday’s performance, ‘Sanctum: A Refugee’s Story’.

Refugee Week 2015 has finally arrived in UK, and British Red Cross offices and other organisations around the country are holding numerous exciting events to commemorate and celebrate it – and people are encouraged to share pictures of the people, places and things that they feel celebrate the contribution of refugees in the UK using the #TheLongRoadEP hashtag.

Yesterday the British Red Cross celebrated in style at in Gravesend with a one-man play called ‘Sanctum’.

‘Sanctum’ is a play about a Kosovan man who returns to Sheffield 15 years after arriving as a refugee in 1999. Through the dust and leaks of his old grotty room, Gjergj recounts his journey from citizen to refugee where war forces him to confront the unimaginable; evacuating his home and being separated from his family. All he has to battle his demons are the brighter memories of an unlikely sanctuary.
Sanctum is a piece informed by real life accounts of refugees, including the family members of performer Ardi Mejzini.