Refugee Council are making a short film to celebrate our 60th anniversary of the UN Convention for Refugees, and 60 years of the Refugee Council’s work to support refugees and asylum seekers since 1951.  The main aim of our film is to highlight the lives saved by the UN Convention over the last 60 years and in the future.

They will use it on Refugee Council website, on their Youtube channel, and also will screen it at Refugee Council events to help us build support for the important work they do. They are looking for refugees who have come to the UK over the last 60 years to feature in a film.

Refugee Council think its important to include the conflict in Kosovo and  as part of the story, so would be great if someone from the Albanian community could take part. They have now found people for the other decades to represent conflicts. It would involve talking about their experiences of coming to the UK, and how they were able to rebuild their life here thanks to the UN Convention for Refugees.

They would need to be identified in the film, so their name and face would be recognisable. In practical terms it will involve one full day of filming in mid-September in London (date and location to be confirmed). Refugee Council will be able to pay all travel expenses and provide lunch. It is being filmed by a film company called InsideJobproductions and by a film director called Martin Scanlan.

All participants will then of course get a copy of it to keep. They hope that they would find it a fun and rewarding experience and R. Councul would be so pleased to have someone from the Albanian community involved.

Do you know of anyone who came here during the 1990s who might want to be involved? They are particularly looking for women, as most of the people taking part so far are men.

For more info or to take part call:
Philippa McIntyre
Media OfficerRefugee Council,  Tel: 020 7346 1214 or email: