Prishtina in 3D, Google Maps

Prishtina in 3D, Google Maps

When switching to Earth View on Google Maps and when tilting the view, something beautiful happens with Prishtina. The whole capital city of Kosovo has been brought in 3D, showcasing entire buildings in detail, including government buildings, apartments, bridges, landscapes and other private dwellings in an almost perfect detail.

Tirana, Skopje, Sofia, Belgrade or Athens still don’t have this 3D Imagery View on Google Maps on Earth View, while the closest city benefiting from this Google Technology is Zagreb in Croatia, Plovdiv in Bulgaria or Timiosara in Romania.

The Google Maps Imagery Updates, includes only the above mentioned cities so far on the map, while Prishtina looks new to the spot, which makes sense since it has been not officially added to the list, yet the imagery has been implemented on Google Maps.

How does 3D Imagery work?
As you zoom in, buildings and terrain will start to appear in 3D. Once you can see the buildings, pan, zoom, tilt and rotate to explore the 3D environment. You can view 3D imagery when you’re using Google Maps on Desktop.

You enable this view by clicking Earth View on Google Maps on the browser and by clicking on the tilt view icon to explore more.

How does Google make buildings and cityscapes 3D?
Google uses a combination of imagery rendering techniques and computer vision that automatically create 3D cityscapes, complete with buildings, terrain and even landscaping, from 45-degree aerial imagery.