Aleksander Kolarov racism allegations

Aleksander Kolarov racism allegations

Manchester City player Aleksandar Kolarov is reportedly at the centre of an alleged racism complaint, according to a report. Police have confirmed that they are investigating a complaint of racist language being used in the Newcastle-City game at St James’ Park, which the visitors won 3-1.

The Kolarov incident came two days after Serbia was fined $105,000 by UEFA following complaints of racial abuse from England players during an Under-21 match in October.

As he warmed up on the touchline, Serbian Kolarov had a 10-minute row with two fans waving an Albanian flag in front of the Milburn Stand, the Daily Mirror reports. According to the report, it is understood that heated exchanges took place about the 1990s Kosovan conflict, which pitted Serbs against ethnic Albanians.

“Northumbria Police has received a report of alleged racist language having been used at St James’ Park during the Newcastle-Manchester City match,” said police. “Northumbria Police take such allegations extremely seriously and enquiries are ongoing into the incident,” they added.

Neither club was commenting on the matter, although it is understood Kolarov will be spoken to by police next week.