media4us London Metro insert

Today media4us has published a 4-page insert in the Metro. This is the culmination of an innovative project helping migrants get their stories and photos published in the mainstream media. Their unique migrant perspectives on the news can also be found on the media4us website at

Sara Wickert, project co-ordinator at the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC), says: “The insert displays the talent and role of migrants in the UK – both through the stories that are told and the quality of the articles. This project couldn’t have happened without the hard work of our service users and volunteers.  The purpose of the insert and website is to provide an opportunity for migrants to tell their stories while also demonstrating to the whole of UK society that migrants have a valuable contribution to make.”

Through journalism and photography training, funded through the European Integration Fund and City Bridge Trust, media4Us has developed migrants’ skills in creating news articles and using photography to tell their stories. The project provides the skills and platform for migrant citizen journalists to get their voices heard while also developing their transferable skills for employment.

The project, led by MiraMedia in the Netherlands and run by MRC in the UK is a partnership of agencies across Europe, all of whom will have an insert produced by migrants in The Metro newspapers in 8 locations across Europe on 20th November 2012.

To see all of the articles and photographs produced by migrants as part of the project, visit Remember to also grab a copy of The Metro in London on Tuesday 20th November 2012 and look out for the media4us insert.