Adnan Januzaj during Manchester United training

Adnan Januzaj during Manchester United training

Kosovo has been accepted as the 55th member of UEFA in a move that could see Adnan Januzaj turn his back on Belgium.

The result means football teams in Kosovo can take part in European club competitions and also allows the nation to apply for FIFA membership.

Next week Kosovo will apply for Fifa membership.

Following the decision, Manchester United starlet Januzaj could switch his international allegiance to the Kosovan national team.

He declared for Belgium in 2014 but has barely played as a result of his stagnating career at Manchester United.

And the 21-year-old could now declare for Kosovo due to a FIFA loophole.

He is eligible to play for the country due to family relations and could be allowed to switch from Belgium because Kosovo wasn’t recognised by Uefa or Fifa at the time he made his decision two years ago.

Last month Belgium manager Marc Wilmots spoke about the possibility of Januzaj declaring for Kosovo.

“Two years ago I asked him to choose with his heart and he came with us,” Wilmots said.

“If he changes his mind now and he feels that it’s better to go elsewhere, I’ll take note of it.

“I won’t be able to do anything else in any case.”