‘Home’, a drama shot in Kosovo about a British family forced by war to become refugees, won the best short film prize at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards.

Daniel Mulloy’s 20-minute film ‘Home’, which was intended to deepen public understanding of the plight of people fleeing conflict zones amid the current refugee crisis, won the BAFTA Best Short Film award on Sunday.

The film, starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger, was mostly shot in the Kosovo villages of Janjeva and Gracanica.

Mulloy has said he was partly inspired by the experiences of his partner, who fled the Kosovo war as a refugee.

He was also inspired by meeting a refugee family who had been sent back to Kosovo after trying to reach the EU.

HOME short movie award at BAFTAs. From left to the right: Shpat Deda, Afolabi Kuti, Arta Dobroshi, Daniel Mulloy and Scott O’Donnell, 12 February 2017

HOME short movie award at BAFTAs. From left to the right: Shpat Deda, Afolabi Kuti, Arta Dobroshi, Daniel Mulloy and Scott O’Donnell, 12 February 2017

“I then returned to the UK, billboards were up on streets that were overtly racist and our politicians were dehumanising those fleeing war zones, referring to them as ‘swarms’ and living in ‘jungles’. The film grew out of the fact that I wanted to respond,” Mulloy said in an interview last year.

Several Kosovo Albanians worked on ‘Home’, including well-known actress Arta Dobroshi, best known for her role in the 2009 film ‘Lorna’s Silence’, Shpat Deda, Eroll Bilibani, Mrine Godanci and Elmedina Morina.

After the film was given the award, Shpat Deda wrote on Twitter: “Beyond words! This one is coming #HOME.”

‘Home’ was a co-production between Dokufest, Somesuch and Black Sheep Studios.

‘Home’ producers are Afolabi Kuti, Tim Nash, Chris Watling, Scott O’Donnell and Shpat Deda.

‘Home’ Executive Producers are Arta Dobroshi, Eroll Bilibani, Anthony Austin, Sally Campbell, Andre Des Rochers and Davud Karbassioun.

The ‘Home’ crew in Kosova included Nita Deda, Renea Behluli, Mrine Godanca, Elmedine Morina, Blerta Ismaili, Blerta Basholli, Valter Lucaj, Gezim Ramizi, Ardi Mehmeti, Lorik Kocani, Drilon Potera, Besnik Selimi, Elsen Hasani, Bilbil Shabani, Armend Nimani, Leart Shehu,Fatlum Idrizi, Besart Mehmetii, Enver Konushevci, Dardan Menxhiqi, Gazmend Bajri, Legjenda Banushi, Leonora Mehmeti, Vita Beqiri, Andra Dauti, Agan Asllani and Visar Bikliqi.

The ‘Home’ cast in Kosova included Zaki Ramadani, Mevlyd Osmani, Adriana Matoshi, Andi Bajgora, Shkelqim Islami, Armend Ismajli, Rebeka Qena, Afrim Mucaj, Fatmire Sahiti, Edison Dabiqaj, Rifat Smani, Armend Zeqiri, Arianit Hoti, Kreshnik Malushai, Leonit Maloku, Allmir Suhodolli, Alban Rexhaj, Fatlum Berisha, Granit Uka, Agnes Nokshiqi, Jan Nokshiqi, Mejreme Berisha, Kreshnik Berisha, Fatlum Hasani, Ermal Saiku, Mentor Morina, Melihate Qena,   Bujar Ahmeti and Leon Bicaku.