Kosovo Albanians celebrating Kosovo's Independence Day

Kosovo Albanians celebrating Kosovo’s Independence Day

Kosovo marks today the eighth anniversary of the proclamation of Independence, one of the most important dates in the history of the country.

Contrary to other years, this eighth anniversary has found Kosovo with many difficulties.

The government of Kosovo has not organized big celebrations. Meanwhile, no important world personality is expected to arrive to Kosovo in honor of this day.

Last year, the spokesman of the new government, Arban Abrashi, said that the anniversary of Independence will be celebrated in a modest way until 2018.

“We believe that 2018 will be appropriate year to celebrate the 10th anniversary. This would be the moment to invite personalities of Euro-Atlantic countries in order to celebrate together the model of an independent and free country at the heart of Balkan”, says Abrashi.

According to him, massive celebrations are lacking because the state is facing big challenges.

Extreme poverty, massive departures of young people and other problems, are something that do not make Kosovo’s state leaders very proud, while the citizens say that they do not feel the enthusiasm of this day as it has happened in previous years.