Schengen Visa sample

Schengen Visa sample

With almost 1.6 million applications in 2017, the twelve countries of emerging Europe whose citizens needed visas to visit the 26 Schengen countries in 2017 accounted for nearly 10 per cent of all 16.2 million applications received by Schengen consulates worldwide, according to

Out of all nationalities globally, it is Russians who apply for the largest number of Schengen visas — 3,885,899 in 2017 alone. Russians were granted the highest number of Schengen visas in the past year. A total 3,826,151 visas were awarded to Russians while just 52,170, or 1.4 per cent, of applications were rejected.

In 2017, Kosovo, with a population of 1.8 million had the highest number of Schengen visa applications in the region. Schengen embassies located in the young European country absorbed 90,475 visa applications in total. Kosovo citizens had the highest rate of visa denials: 19.6 per cent. At the same time, Serbs applied for 7,238 visas and the rejection rate was just 2.7 per cent.

Currently, Schengen visas are required from the citizens of four emerging Europe countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kosovo.

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