Grenville Tower survivors and Kosovo Ambassador in UK (in the middle), Mr Lirim Greicevci

Grenville Tower survivors and Kosovo Ambassador in UK (in the middle), Mr Lirim Greicevci

Kosova ambassador in UK, Mr Lirim Greicevci, visited yesterday the Haxhisefa family, Avni (father), Adriana (mother) and their children Alk (17) and Alt (10), the only Kosovar family, who, fortunately, escaped the worst in the tragic fire which engulfed the Grenfell Tower in London on the night of June 14th.

Together with the Haxhisefa family, they visited the scene of the fire, where this family, apart from completely losing the apartment that had been their family home for fifteen years, along with all family belongings, they lost a part of their precious family memories they had accumulated over the years there.

The fate of the Haxhisefa family, who thanks to their neighbours and their resourcefulness managed to escape the worst, dozens of other families did not. This is a serious human tragedy that has shaken the entire British society, including the Kosovan public.

Mr Greicevci is appealing to all of our community in the UK to open their hearts and help the Haxhisefa family to overcome this tragedy that has burdened them.

Mr Greicevci on his Facebook post said:  “Even though the British government is getting in more and more help, they, and other families affected by this disaster, need our help and care. Recognising the solidarity of our community, I am fully confident that the Haxhisefa family will feel our care and support in these difficult days for them. To this end, I have asked the distinguished lawyer and activist of the Albanian community in London, Artan Llabjani, to open an online account where our community can offer financial donations. Also, anyone who wants to donate other things, such as clothes, food and other materials, can do so by bringing them to the premises of the Kosovo Embassy in London (8 John Street, WC1N 2EB), which will then be handed over to the Haxhisefa family and other families affected by this tragedy.”

You can donate at the following link: