Kosoko Jackson, "A Place for Wolves" pulled from publication amid readers' protest

Kosoko Jackson’s “A Place for Wolves” pulled from publication amid readers’ protest

The novel “A Place For Wolves” was set to be Kosoko Jackson’s first, and it follows the romance of two young men during the Kosovo War in southeastern Europe in the 1990s. It would have been released March 26.

Then readers and furious onlookers took their rage from Goodreads to Twitter. Retweeting a review on Goodreads, one Twitter user said the book was bad because it highlighted Americans during a tragedy that didn’t take place in America.

It seems like everyone who was involved in the project apologized for their role as well.

Christa Soulé Désir who copy-edited the book, said she was “plagued with guilt” for “not catching sensitivity issues.”

Jackson’s agent for the book felt bad too, saying she was sorry to everyone hurt by it.

The novel’s publisher, Sourcebooks, last Thursday confirmed that it would withdraw the book from publication.

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