My favorite places are Soma Book Station (pictured), Dit e Nat and Half & half cafe.

My favorite places are Soma Book Station (pictured), Dit e Nat and Half & half cafe.

Something weird happened, just like with Sarajevo or Yerevan, Prishtina started growing on me and I was dreaming of returning. And so during my second visit, I loved more or less everything about Pristina!

So what it doesn’t have any major tourist attractions or highlights! Instead, it’s the city with the amazing vibe and cafe culture, both are among the best I’ve ever experienced!

Now I’m in Pristina for the third time. I didn’t really plan to come here during this Balkan travel but since I was so close and had to get from Belgrade, Serbia to Macedonia I figured why not stopping in Pristina along the way and enjoy it again.

And so here I am, writing the post about reasons to visit Pristina, Kosovo from my favorite cafe (my computer even remembered the wifi password here! ;))

Cafe culture
Coffee in Pristina is the best, hands down. Everyone thinks so and even me, who is not so crazy about coffee, can vouch for it. With the prices starting at 1€ (and 2-2,5€ for the most expensive coffee in the menu) you can be sure Pristina is pure heaven for every coffee lover!

The city is full of cafes, you can find one every few steps! Some of them are just random places with few tables, others are stylish and trendy (and so is the clientele there). You can be sure that you will find something for yourself in Pristina!

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