Jobs - London based audio recording studio in need of Albanian voices

We, 2002 Studios, are a recording production company based in London, which offers multi-language audio recording. We primarily do recordings for e-learning, phone messages, software tutorials and small web advert.

We are in need of new Albanian voices to match with client’s wishes.

We can setup a free audition here, where you can keep whatever you record for your own purposes. Otherwise, if you have a test sample of your voice you can send it. Then we will show it to our client’s and they will decide if your voice match.

We cannot promise if and when we might have work for you, but should we do we pay 40 pounds per hour and payment is made within 60 days of the invoice being received.

Whilst we are less flexible for a whole day work, when we only have a small job, we will do our utmost to book it around your diary, so what you earn with us is on top of, and not instead other work you might have.

For more information call us on: +44 020 8907 8634 or visit our website: