A JDC (the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) volunteer: “What am I, an observing Jew, doing helping these refugees, these Muslims from Kosovo? It is an important question. During WW2 many Albanians saved Jewish lives and in fact I understand that Albania has the highest percentage of righteous gentiles of any country in the world. It is a very small world, people remember…people remember acts of kindness. We should try to build bridges, because with small bridges, person to person, we can become friends and perhaps change the world that way.”

From the earliest days of the refugee crisis in Albania and Macedonia in spring 1999, caused by the Serbian aggression and massacres against Kosovo Albanians, the JDC has provided emergency supplies, such as food, health care, mattresses, roofing materials, toys and children”s activity kits to refugees in the camps.

Among other charitable activities in Kosovo in 1999, JDC has helped making 30 schools accessible again in Kosovo, affecting more than 40,000 children.