British Albanians celebrating Kosovo's 1st Independence Anniversary, Trafalgar Square, London, 17 February 2009

British Albanians celebrating Kosovo’s 1st Independence Anniversary, Trafalgar Square, London, 17 February 2009

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has sent the following message to the President of the Republic of Kosovo, on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence: “It gives me great pleasure to send Your Excellency my congratulations on the celebration of your National Day, together with my best wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the people of Kosovo in the coming year. Elizabeth R”

According to the reader in international relations of University of Westminster, Mr Aidan Hehir, published on website last year: “The country must come to grips with a decade of poor leadership and a very uncertain future. Kosovo, Europe’s youngest state, has the independence anniversary today, but its people have few reasons to celebrate. Blame for that largely goes to successive lousy governments and a corrupted predatory elite, often enabled by an international community that is more interested in stability than anything else, happy to turn a blind eye to Kosovo’s obvious democratic shortcomings.

Kosovo itself is not to blame for this. Its key sponsors – the very states who actively encouraged it to unilaterally declare independence – have for too long tolerated, and at times facilitated, the activities of a corrupt elite. They have periodically engaged in their own brand of mismanagement and corruption, and made promises they were in no position to keep.”