Four years old Almir Aliu, murdered by Macedonian-Serb, Boban Ilic

Four years old Almir Aliu, murdered by Macedonian-Serb, Boban Ilic

By: Julie Cunningham

Four years old Almir Aliu and his parents were deliberately crushed against a wall, by a car driven by Serb/Macedonian Boban Ilic and his brother last Saturday in Kumanovo, Macedonia. They were all taken to hospital, but little Almir died of his injuries the next day.

This murder was the result of an incident earlier in the hospital, when Sedat Aliu and his wife were waiting for their son to have an injection. The family were called from the queue, that Boban Ilic was also waiting in. Ilic became very angry that the family were called before him and got on the phone to call reinforcements to come and attack the family.

When the Aliu family left the hospital they were greeted by armed men, then Ilic got into his car and deliberately ran the family over, crushing them up against the wall. Little Almir was taken to Skopje hospital, as his injuries were more serious, but he died the next day.

The death of the boy, Almir Aliu added a long list of well-organised attacks against Albanians in Macedonia.

Radio Kosova e Lire stated: A few years ago, a Macedonian policeman killed for trivial reasons two young Albanians in Gostivar. Gangs of thugs in Skopje who call themselves Komiti often carry out attacks on Albanian residents in the neighbourhoods of Skopje. Frequent cases of violence against Albanian students traveling with urban line buses in Skopje, full of which have resulted in serious injuries and hospitalisation.

These attacks are a manifestation of an all Albanian phobia within Macedonia, which finds the main inspiration from the ruling nationalist party, VMRO-DPMNE. The Ministry of Interior have never gone to the end to penalise those responsible, which best explains the spiral of violence which is growing daily against innocent Albanians in Macedonia.