Mirela Tara

Mirela Tara

London local newspaper Haringey Independent has a story about an Albanian immigrant who learnt English at a Tottenham college and has criticized drastic cuts planned for the courses.

According to the article Mirela Tata, 33, fled war in eastern Europe in 2000 to move to Enfield with her husband and two daughters, but spoke no English and found it difficult to start a new life in Britain.

But she enrolled on a community outreach language course at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London, and went on to become a hairdresser.

Now she is warning that the college’s plan to cut back English for speakers of other languages courses – known as ESOL courses – would lead to refugees like her having to rely on state benefits.

She said: “I couldn’t speak one word of English when I arrived here – I couldn’t even explain to the GP what was wrong when I was ill.

“If they don’t have ESOL here then how are people like me going to learn to English? I can’t believe they’re going to do this.”

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