Federica Mogherini, who serves as High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, on 10th December has posted a statement on Facebook about Human Rights that has enraged thousands of Kosovo Albanians, who feel that their human rights have not been respected by EU and that they have been left ghettoised and helpless.

Her posts on Facebook usually attract few hundreds of likes and comments but this one has attracted more than 11,000 comments, mainly written by Kosovo Albanians who feel that EU has failed on them, Kosovo has been ghettoised and that EU gives more priority to Serbia and the Serbs, although they have committed genocide attempt and ethnic cleansing towards Albanians in Kosovo and they act as Russian Trojan horse in Europe.  

Some of the comments:

Eshref Durmishi #HUMANRIGHTSPOWER. But where are human rights for #KOSOVO? #people signora @federicamogherini

Dardan Velija We turn Kosovo, the youngest country with the youngest population and a tragic past into a ghetto. We support the bullying of its northern neighbour. Yet we preach #HUMANRIGHTSPOWER to the world. Europe will be ashamed for this someday!

Arbnor Hadraj Human rights for Kosovo.
We are the only country in Europe which need visas to travel to othe countries, where are our rights Mrs Mogerini. Is this right, is this Justice, is this what EU represents?

Diocletian Illyrian Serbian troops killed 15000 civilians in Kosovo during the war. Among them 1500 children. 1600 still missing in mass graves in Serbia. 20000 women raped. 1 million deported. 120 thousand properties burned and stolen. Serbia has visa liberalisation and moving closer to EU with negotiations, Kosovo doesn’t!  That says a lot about #HUMANRIGHTSPOWER #KOSOVO 🇽🇰🇽🇰

Mett Majaci Human right is the freedom of movement that you deny to the citizens of Kosovo

Kreshnik Toçani You talking about Human Rights it’s cynical. You and so-called “Union” are using a country of 1.8m so that our north neighbour can join EU quicker. Yet you promised visa abolishment after the criteria were met, that is not going to happen. Please spare us from bullcrap, we have had enough of your speeches and promises. We want results, come back for the dialogue when you have something to deliver to our country.

Albert S Kopriva you have violated human rights in Kosovo with no visa liberalization, as a Kosovar citizen I think you are racist and pro-Serbian