Dua Lipa recounts an embarrassing moment she had with Jimmy after making her US TV debut on The Tonight Show on Dec. 18, 2019, and explains how living in Kosovo led to her obsession with hip-hop.

“My first-ever show I went to was Method Man and Redman; I was 13,” she dished to a bewildered (and impressed) Jimmy Fallon. “Basically, in Kosovo, people only really listened to hip-hop. Like, it was so massive out there and the only artists that, I guess, there was such a demand for were hip-hop artists. Going to the Method Man and Redman show was kind of my first introduction to Wu-Tang. And then when I went to my second show, which was 50 Cent, I then read the book, watched the movie, learnt all the words. I went fully prepared. Massive 50 Cent fan.”

“I wish when I was living in Kosovo I had the opportunity to see some of my favourite artists like P!nk or Nelly Furtado,” she said. “No one really came to Kosovo, so now we decided to start a festival called the Sunny Hill Festival.”

The pop star, whose sophomore album Future Nostalgia is due out early next year, went on to open up about how she’s using her star power to change the musical culture of the embattled country where she spent her early teen years.

One day after her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Dua Lipa was back on the popular talk show to perform a song from her upcoming new album.

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