Pristina location listing on Facebook

Pristina location listing on Facebook

A petition initiated by Lavdi Zymberi, a Kosovo Albanian, that demands Facebook to list Kosovo cities under Kosovo, not Serbia, it seems that have had success.

Almost 15,000 people signed this petition that ended today.

The petition says:

Facebook, list Kosovo cities under Kosovo – not Serbia

Kosovo has declared its independence in February 17, 2008 and has been put on the Facebook’s list of states in 2013. However, 2 years later, when Kosovo citizens check-in from its cities they are shown as X-city, Serbia.

We, citizens of Kosovo, don’t want our cities to be listed under Serbia when we check in; therefore, we ask Facebook to change this feature.

Our country has been formally recognized by 111 out of 193 United Nations members and we demand Facebook to respect it.