From Daneger and Stacey YouTube vlogging channel:
“We can tell you off the bat, Albania is absolutely epic! Before we chat about the country, in our first vlog we take a food tour in Tirana to get a feel for Albanian cuisine and to get situated in Tirana itself. Check out Albanian Food Tours here, and say hi to Linda from us and that you watched this video!

Albanian cuisine is pretty unique, clearly delicious as well, taking inspiration from a lot of similar known Balkan tastes but with its own special twists. As you’ll see in the video, we really enjoyed all the food we tried and Albanian Food Tours actually took us to more places than we showed – in one video there are only so many meals you can share! The video probably only covers half of the full Tirana tour typically on offer, as I mentioned at the end of this vlog.

In terms of the country – Albania is seriously underrated and very, very cool. We’ve got 5 more videos to come from our travel in Albania to prove it to you! In the meantime, have a read of our travel guide to Tirana here:

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