Help for Down Syndrome Kosova

Help for Down Syndrome Kosova

When: Today from 6 PM, Where: My Place Soho, 21 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0PZ

Kosovo has been on the built up since the war in 1999.  The focus throughout the past years has mainly been on creating a better standard of living, and rebuilding what the war has destroyed. Little focus has been given to people with disabilities and much less for those with downs syndrome.

The center for Down Syndrome in Kosovo is in the city of Prizren and although it is well equipped with loving staff and beautiful attendees, it lacks many amneties that one would expect from a center like this.

The center has begun its activity in 2009, whereas since September 2015 it moved to the new premises provided by the Municipality of Prizren. During its first years of activity, DSK Prizren has mainly provided services related to logopedic and psychological treatment of the persons with Down syndrome. In parallel to professional treatment, the center engages persons with Down syndrome in artistic and economic activities. One of the well known products of the center are handmade postcards, assembled by the staff and persons with Down syndrome, which are sold in symbolic price to ensure income for the work of DSK Prizren.

The current offices of DSK Prizren have 160 metres square where around 60 persons with Down syndrome are registered and receive services. The staff comprises of the coordinator, two psychologists and one volunteer. Since the municipality could afford only office space with no equipment and furniture, the staff has worked for couple of months voluntarily, with the aim to consolidate the work conditions in the center. Recently, a goodwill initiative of a group of citizens to support DSK Prizren has collected an initial amount of donations to ensure necessary equipment and furniture.

Since the beginning of 2016, the center has moved from empty offices to a daily service providing and moderately equipped center. During this period, the number of persons with Down syndrome seeking support has risen. In addition to professional therapeutic sessions, the center offers social and cultural programs as well, aiming to better integrate persons with Down syndrome into the society.

Since the center is counting on continious support in order to deliver all the services , we are encouraged to start this campaign in the hopes that we will generate enough to make a difference on the daily life of those that need it.

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