Undiscovered: Away from the city, Albania offers peace and tranquility in one of Europe's last hidden corners

Undiscovered: Away from the city, Albania offers peace and tranquility in one of Europe’s last hidden corners

“Remember Albania? The crackpot Communist country where they used to cut your hair at the airport if it was too long? Where they hated everything Western, but went crazy over Norman Wisdom films? Well, it has changed,” this is how the article started on yesterday’s  Daily Mail online edition.

It continues saying that  “Albania is a little like Spain 50 years ago, with prices to match. Take a break on its Adriatic coast, and as well as enjoying miles of sandy beaches, you have timewarp prices that will bring a smile to your lips, too. Coffee at 40p per cup, beer at 90p per pint, wine at £4 a bottle.”

And once you have landed in Tirana’s airport flying from Gatwick, “there are no long, stomach-churning coach transfers across the mountains: just a quick, 30-minute drive down the motorway.”

“Some consider it Europe’s last secret spot. Hardly surprising, since for most of the second half of the 20th century, the country was cut off from the rest of the world, ruled by paranoid Communist dictators who brainwashed the nation into believing that Western invasion was a daily threat”.

“Nevertheless. with a million expatriate Albanians pumping money back into the homeland, and with tourist numbers increasing all the time (four million last year), you cannot help feeling that if you want to catch the authentic Albania, you had better go there soon.”

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