By Kim Ormond

George Michael tributes

George Michael tributes

The number tributes left in front of George Michael’s home in London grows by day. Among them is a tribute paid for his help and support for Kosovo refugees, left in front of his Highgate home, North London.

“Your talent was matched by your charitable instinct.”

“In memory of your support for Kosovo refugees when it mattered.“

“R.I.P George Michael.“ It reads.

The legendary singer, who died on 25 December, donated in 1999 £500.000 for Kosovo refugees. He also took part that year in a charity concert in Wembley organized by NetAid in support of refugees from Kosovo and Sudan.

Since his sudden death at the age of 53, a number of charitable acts and donations made by the singer, often anonymously, have been revealed to the public.

Childline, a charity that works with vulnerable children has revealed to the media that the star had given the royalties from his 1996 number one single “Jesus to a child” and had for years made many donations to the charity.

He had also supported over many years Macmillan Cancer Support and Terrence Higgins Trust and made a donation of £50,000 to a woman for IVF treatment after she appeared in TV show and spoke about her struggle with fertility.

In 1997 George Michael held a special free concert in North London for NHS nurses as a way of thanking them for the care for his mother who had died from cancer.

Following his donation in 1999 for Kosovo refugees and the decision to take part in the charity concert in Wembley, George Michael had told media that he wanted the public in the UK to understand that they still urgently need help as people were returning with no homes or jobs to see them through the harsh winter.

“Even though the media has lost interest in Kosovo, in general they’re still having a desperately hard time. It is all very well crying but if you don’t put your hand in your pocket, it’s just part of your evening’s entertainment,” he had told the media.