Gaz Ejupi (in the middle) with the gallery's staff

Gaz Ejupi (in the middle) with the gallery’s staff

“Fog” is curated by Israeli artist, Avi Lubin, at Galeria Kombëtare e Kosovës / The National Gallery of Kosovo. Open until June 17th, 2018.
Artists: Albert Allgaier, Gaz Ejupi, Driton Selmani, Luan Bajraktari and Fatmir Mustafa-Karllo.

A families’ memory of fleeing to safety, has been put to a halt – for reflection. Congratulations to Gaz Ejupi on a deeply meaningful exhibition at Kosovo’s National Gallery.

For the group show, Mjegull (Fog), Gaz transformed a family car into a permanent work of public art. The car (Yugo) was once the most valuable possession of a local family, who lived inside during the Kosovo War. The Yugo plays an interview with the owner on a loop, telling the story of how he and his family of four made the vehicle their home during the war.

The original owners of Ejupi's art piece

The original owners of Ejupi’s art piece

It was a beautiful surprise to be able to speak with the original owners and to ask them how they felt about seeing their dearest object, with so much meaning and personal history attached to it, in a gallery setting. The group show featuring Albert Allgaier, Driton Selmani, Fatmir Mustafa-Karllo, Gaz Ejupi, Luan Bajraktari is curated by Avi Lubin and is on until the end of the month. The artists explore what it means to a be a partially recognised state in a time of geopolitical stress; they ask us to see the potential in that misty reality… Bravo guys, this exhibition really spoke to us.

Written originally on Facebook by:
Kristalé Ivezaj Rama
Founder of The Balkan Artists’ Guild