The Frutomania brand is popular with Kosovans

The Frutomania brand is popular with Kosovans

It is only just past nine in the morning – the staff are still taking the chairs off the tables at the pub in the centre of Kosovo’s capital Pristina – and Alban Ibrahimi is keen to start drinking.

But the shots the Kosovan entrepreneur has in mind are strictly non-alcoholic.

With a subtle flourish, the 36-year-old lines up a series of small, squat bottles of assorted fruit juices and smoothies, along with glasses of palate-cleansing water.

“Try the sour cherry,” he suggests, pulling forward a bottle full of thick burgundy-coloured juice.
Mr Ibrahimi rattles through the health-giving benefits of the drink – noting that it is high in antioxidants, helps to reduce cholesterol, and contains no sugar, or indeed any other additives.

But perhaps most importantly of all, it tastes delicious.

Kosovans have been quick to catch on to the delights of Mr Ibrahimi’s products. Since his Frutomania brand launched in 2010 it has found a place in hundreds of supermarkets, as well as countless bars, cafes and restaurants.

“It costs a little more than juices from concentrates,” says Alban. “But as soon as people tried it they recognised the difference.”

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