Florio Kazazi campaign

Florio Kazazi campaign

Update:  We are deeply saddened and sorry to have to pass on the news that Florio Kazazi died early this morning, aged only 20, after four years of fighting so hard. Throughout that time, Florio remained so strong, so positive and so without bitterness and was truly an inspiring young man. The money you all kindly helped to raise via this auction for Florio’s treatment will now help Florio’s family at this vary sad and very difficult time. My thoughts are with Florio’s family and friends, as are Kaz’s and Jaime’s.


Last year he travelled to America for treatment and by March of 2011, his tumours had shrunk by a third, as verified by NHS records. The clinic, which is considered experimental by the NHS, has a 60% success rate.

Unfortunately, this life saving treatment is designed to last a year and costs around £4000 a month, with Florio paying an additional £9000 a month for previous treatments and travel costs. A few months ago, Florio and his family – his parents Genc and Myzejen, and sister Migena – ran out of funds, and were unable to pay for further treatment.

In November NHS doctors confirmed his lung disease had progressed, and he was hospitalised. He is now a little recovered, out of hospital and knows that his best chance of seeing 2012 through is to find money to fund the treatment from America. That’s why the Florio Kazazi Life Fund has been set up.

Florio was first diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer days after his sixteenth birthday. The sports fanatic, who had played rugby for his county, went through three years of treatment, including repeated chemotherapy and leg operations which finally led to his left leg being amputated.

His school, the Robert Clack School in Dagenham, have been a remarkable source of support, raising thousands in the past. Read here for some of their endeavours:

Similarly he has been backed by his community, with a recent fundraiser by the British Albanian Kosovar Council raising a remarkable £800 more in one night. http://prishtinapress.info/kosovan-albanian-youth-against-violence-kayav/

But more needs to be done to give Florio the chance he deserves after four years of fighting. Every little bit raised helps buy Florio some treatment and some time, although the more the better in order to meet his huge overall bill. Florio is optimistic, given his previous progress, that one year’s treatment could stop his disease and give him the chance to live the life he has been unable to for four long years.

If you would like to help you can donate in two ways.

By direct bank transfer into the Florio Life Fund, a community account that means all the money goes to Florio’s treatment without incurring taxes:

SORT CODE: 600137
Mark any transfers “Donation for Florio”.

Or, if you want to send a cheque, send it with a note explaining it is intended for the Florio Kazazi Life Fund to his old school:

Make your cheque payable to the Robert Clack School and send it to Gosfield Road Upper Site, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 1JU.

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