Alketa Xhafa with  Refugees Welcome in Dartington

Alketa Xhafa with Refugees Welcome in Dartington

Migration and displacement is at the heart of a ‘retreat’ at Dartington involving three days of workshops, presentations, performances and screenings.

And a centre-piece of the event will be a moving installation camped on the grounds of Dartington Hall called Refugees Welcome, put together by performance of British-Albanian artist and activist Alketa Xhafa-Mripa.

She will be using her own memories of receiving a warm welcome as a Kosovan refugee to the UK in the 1990s, to draw people into a public conversation about the nature of ‘welcome’ in the UK today.

The retreat dedicated to the arts and social change began today.

It has been brought to Dartington by Counterpoint Arts – an arts organisation that engages with refugee and migrant experiences through arts and cloture programmes – and will include a screening of Yasmin Fedda’s award winning film Queens of Syria; a conversation between Devon-based poet, Alice Oswald; and the new voice of Kayo Chingonyi; a collaboration between Syrian musician Louai Alhenawi and members of the indie band Revere; plus a performance by the virtuoso Syrian kanun player Maya Youssef.

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