What are the odds of Albania winning? Sunbets’ Eurovision odds currently list Albania winning at 150/1.

ALBANIA is hoping American Idol singer Lindita will win the Eurovision Song Contest for them.

But what is her background, how was she chosen and what is Lindita singing?

Who is Lindita?
Lindita Halimi has, like Madonna, dropped the surname and is most commonly known as just Lindita.
The 27-year-old star was born in Kosovo and has been performing for a number of years.
She has taken part in Albania’s answer to American Idol Ethet and Albanian music competition Top Fest twice, winning in 2006.
She moved to the States in 2013 and competed in American Idol although she didn’t make it through to the final stages.

How was Lindita chosen to represent Albania?
The Albanian broadcaster Radio Televizioni Shqiptar organised a competition to determine who would represent the country at this year’s Eurovision.

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