As more Brits are leaving Spain, Albania is considered as one of the new destinations for the British expat dream.

For British, a property in Spain it’s been like something that came naturally. For years, thousands of citizens started a new life in Spain – about 760,000 British sun-seekers have moved there since 1995.

All of a sudden, though, as the Spanish economy is struggling the British are withdrawing at an alarming rate. According to official figures, some 90,000 Brits have forsaken the ‘costas’ and returned to Britain

The news has sent the nation rushing to atlases to seek out new spots in which to settle. It’s estimated that between 4.5 and 4.7 million British citizens live abroad for at least part of the year.

Question is, when the world is your oyster, how do you find a place to live that is a genuine pearl? Here is one suggestion:


– Estimated expat: Brits Few, but rising.
– Most popular areas: The coast (a 40-minute drive from the capital Tirana).
– Property prices for £30,000 you can buy an apartment (for £190,000, a villa) on the new, sandy-beach development at Lalzit Bay, with health club and palm trees imported from Malaysia.
– Flight time to UK: Three hours (British Airways).
– Climate: Mediterranean (it’s the same landmass as Greece).
– Cost of a pint of beer: 170 lek (£1).
– Cost of restaurant meal: Seafood, spaghetti and a bottle of red wine for 1200 lek (£7).
– The good points: The crackpot, isolationist Communist regime was toppled in 1991. And Albanians are happy to welcome Brits (we’re still a novelty).
– Not-so-good points: Queries over ownership of title deeds on older properties.
– What you’d miss: The English language. In Albanian, mirupafshim means thank you, and berxolla vici is a veal chop.

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