Shengjin or the Cape of Pal (northwest Albania)

Shengjin or the Cape of Pal (northwest Albania)

Albania is planning to revitalize old naval bases by opening them up to tourists, Albania’s Defense Minister Olta Xhacka said Monday.

She said authorities here are planning to open up more military units, some of which were secret military bases, in a bid to attract more tourists and diversify the tourism potential that Albania offers.

“Naval bases such as Shengjin or the Cape of Pal (northwest Albania) are very important and they serve the Armed Forces. But at the same time they can have a direct impact on the country’s economic development,” Xhacka noted.

In April 2017, the Albanian government decided to turn the southern Sazan Island into a tourist destination during summer seasons.

Sazan Island is the largest island in Albania with a surface area of 5.7 sq km. It is a military facility with no civil population.