Flags of Kosova(Kosovo) and Albania

Flags of Kosova(Kosovo) and Shqipëria (Albania)

In his interview given to Koha Ditore, Kosovo daily newspaper, Rama explained that the establishment of joint embassies is in order to reduce costs. Portal KoSSev reported that Kosovo and Albania have so far formalised joint diplomatic action through a joint secretariat that began with work in late November 2016, and through previously opened joint consulates in Munich, Bari and Milan. Cooperation is carried out on the basis of the “Declaration on strategic partnership and cooperation”. Cooperation between two countries is common through their respective representatives in foreign country; they often hold mutual festivals of cultural, cuisine etc. The roots of this measure lie a few years prior, in 2011, when Albin Kurti, former leader of the Self-determination, met for the first time then President of Albania, Bamir Topi, and then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Edmond Haxhinasto. The main purpose of this visit was the initiation of an agreement between Kosovo and Albania for a mutual or common representation in other countries.

This kind of practice is not unheard in diplomatic circles: Canada and Australia share their consulate infrastructure in dozens of countries for more than thirty years and in 2012 Canada also announced their plan to share diplomatic missions with United Kingdom. On the occasion, William Hague, then foreign secretary of UK said that this practice is not unheard of, as “UK also shares several premises with France and Germany”.